ALD Furnace Develop


Equipment that performs atomic layer thin film deposition with precise control of temperature, pressure, flow rate, and vaporization device

Process Performance & Productivity

  • Wafer Type: 12" (300mm)
  • Cassette Type: Foup
  • Flat Zone: 500mm
  • Process: High-k ALD (Deposition of single film, composite film, and multi-component dielectric film)
  • Process Material: N2, O3, ZrO2, HfO2, H2O2, TMA
  • Process Temperature: 200 ~ 350 °C
  • Variable Pitch: 6.6 ~ 10mm
  • Moving System: WTR, FTR, FIMS, Loadport
  • Option: Dry Pump, Plasma, O3 Generator, Scrubber