Company name: YEST Corporation

CEO: Jang, Bok-dong, Kang, Im-soo (Each representative)

Business area: semiconductor and Display manufacturing equipment

Establishment year: 2000 / 3 / 6

Capital: 8 billion won [as of December in 2021]

Key business product :

Hydrogen, LAMINATOR, nEFEM, Furnace, Autoclave, Chiller, Chamber Etc.

Address: 27 Masan 12 street, Jinwee- myeon, Pyeongtack, Gyeonggi-do

Since foundation in 2000, YEST continuously grows with stable business portfolio based on balanced business structure.

Thank customers and stockholders for your ceaseless interest and support to YEST

YEST, a strategic enterprise that emphasizes Credibility. Communication. Win-win

YEST is a manufacturing company specialized in heat transfer equipment based on unrivaled source technology for heat transfer equipment in Display (OLED) and Semiconductor field. YEST has grasped customer demand before other domestic and foreign companies and has confidently accommodated it so that the company has concentrated its investment on technical development such as R&D facilities and human resources to develop new products and high value-added technology. In addition, YEST has various management strategies for improvement of ultimate enterprise competitive power. In addition, YEST will present new corporate models for stockholder, customer, management, employees and society through improvement of transparency in corporate management. In addition, YEST will make a lot of effort and concentrate on all our energy to be a top-ranking company in domestic and foreign display and semiconductor equipment market. Please support YEST with continuous interest and ungrudging encouragement. Inspection.

YEST Corporation CEO Jang, Bok-dong, Kang, Im-soo (Each representative)


Map for directions toward YEST. Please make visit reservation in advance to enter into internal workshop (clean room and semi-clean room) of YEST.

  • Headquarter

    27 Masan 12 street, Jinwee-myeon, Pyeongtack, Gyeonggi-do

    Phone : 031-612-3333
    FAX : 031-612-3399

  • R&D Center

    27 Masan 12 street, Jinwee-myeon, Pyeongtack, Gyeonggi-do

    Phone : 031-612-3333
    FAX : 031-612-3355