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Employment Notice

Recruitment of experienced person throughout the year (development field)

1. Recruitment fields
 ▶ Water electrolysis system design
- EMS interworking design and development, high-pressure gas design and establishment

 ▶ Mechanical design
- Experienced person in semiconductor / display equipment design

 ▶ Electronic and electrical design
- Experienced person in PLC program and electronic and electrical design

 ▶Experienced person in semiconductor equipment manufacturing and set-up
- Experienced person in semiconductor, display equipment manufacturing and set-up

Employment Q&A

What is company application procedure?

When is your recruitment plan?

- Regular recruitment: 1~2 recruitments (Separate announcement on the website)

- Rolling recruitment: Flexible employment type by retention rolling throughout the year for each business unit (Announce on the website for opening)
When do I submit documentary evidence?

Please submit documentary evidence after receiving acceptance letter from the company. The company can request for (career certificate, withholding receipt of the previous job, transcript, etc.). If fact in application is proven to be false, acceptance and joining the company may be cancelled.
Company application download

- Download the form attached below, fill out the form and send it by  E-Mail